Twitter Spaces Now available to everyone

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The time has come for a Twitter Revolution!

The longing for Twitter Spaces to be available to everyone, literally, everyone on Earth is possible now. Anyone can now speak, join and listen, and speak in Twitter spaces, for both iOS and Android devices. The exciting feature has been finally launched on 21 October 2021.

This has been announced by Twitter in a Tweet on the same day.

It has put an end to the requests of millions of Twitter users to let them use Twitter Spaces. The company has begun implementing and testing Twitter Spaces from November 2020. It has been about a year, that Twitter has been successfully making people with specific followers limit enjoy the privileges of Spaces. On May 21, the company has announced that the Spaces could be used for people with at least 600 followers which was applicable to both Android and iOS users.

Some of the new features Twitter had plans of launching such as Scheduling features, Ticketed Spaces, Co-hosting support, reminders, improvement of accessibility, etc, were also planned by Twitter then.

Now, like Clubhouse, you can enjoy the privileges of spaces to express your views and make the platform the best space to communicate and collaborate with your audience.

How Spaces work

On iOS and Android devices, when anybody you follow speaks on the Space, then it will be displayed on the top of your timeline in the form of a Purple bubble. If you join Space as a listener, then you can use emojis to react, see the pinned Tweets and respond with captions, Tweet and DM or request to be a participant.

If you are a speaker, apart from talking, you are able to pin the Tweets, turn Captions on, for everyone to follow with what you speak. Thus, the followers can join you. Once you are the creator, you can control everything- including who speaks, the topics, Tweets, DM’s, inviting others to speak, etc. You can talk about everything happening in the world.

There are safety controls for hosts and speakers. When you are the host, you can have a mute feature for the speakers, and take away the mic, remove people from spaces. Everyone can also be muted at the same time for an easier hosting facility.

The space can also be reported, blocked, etc. The people whom you have blocked cannot join the space you host, and you can see the warning when someone you block speaks in any space you join.

It was decided by Twitter to give access to people with at least 600 followers base the Spaces. They said it was based on the experience they have in building the best conversations on the platforms. However, now it is exciting to note that every Twitter user can launch the Space, irrespective of the number of followers they have.

Hello, People on Android — How exciting is it to know that you can now speak with Twitter spaces, and edit your tagged Topics (English) for Scheduled Spaces too?!

Make sure you have got into the Play Store and clicked on the Update Button, to update the Twitter Application before you can enjoy Twitter Spaces to talk, and explore.

To launch spaces, Click on the Tweet Button in your Twitter mobile app, where you can see the new Spaces icon, to start with click on it.

Note: Spaces are public, and the accounts you block can’t join in it. Even the people who are not logged into Twitter can listen to what you speak. You can add up to a limit of 10 speakers on the Space. As a speaker, you can remove, the guests, and mute or change the speakers.

Once you click on Got it, you can now name your space. Give a name relevant to what you are going to speak for the day. You can tag three topics and finally click the Start your space button.

If you are new, set up your mic on Settings, go to the App info, and turn the mic permissions on. You are good to go, now speak to your Twitter audience.

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