Significance of Vastu Shastra Principles for Elders

Any house becomes a house, only when it can dissipate the positive form of energy. Every house has its own energy and the person who resides in a house is surrounded by a particular source of energy, which influences that individual in some way or the other. Hence, it is important to analyze the connection between the art of Vastu and the vibes it contributes to the homes.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra was initiated by Lord Brahma, as per the scriptures, and this was affirmed by Vishwakarma, the foundation stone of Architecture. Like all sciences, Vastu is a scientific phenomenon. Vastu has also been considered to fill homes with good luck and free them from bad forces affecting their lives. Vastu Shastra brings happiness and abundance in the homes, especially, senior care. If Vastu is not correct, it can bring negative vibes to the family, which can adversely impact health and peace at home.

How do Vastu Shastra Principles help Elders?

  • The direction of the house ensures the good health of elders

Make sure that the direction of the house is to the East or Southwest, which can maintain effective elder care and inculcates great sleeping habits.

  • Making the Southwest direction elevated brings prosperity

Consider the Southwest side of your home and magnify it with much elevation. This can help the elders in the household to be aware of the importance of this direction and thereby, can maintain health, elder care, and prosperity at home.

  • Open and clean East direction brings positive energy

When you have the east direction open with windows, Vastu Shastra is considered a symbol of luck. Avoid construction of toilet, staircase, higher floor or planting of tall trees in this direction, which can invite severe Vastudosha. It can also lead children to disrespect elders.

  • Allocate bedroom for elders in the East corner to maintain good health

The bedrooms of seniors, especially ladies, must be located in the East or South direction to confirm good health. If the room is on the Northeast side, it can create sickness and the Southeast direction can cause a short temper.

  • Cupboard located in Southwest direction brings in wealth and happiness

All finance-related files, money, and jewelry can be kept in an almirah or cupboard situated on the Southwest side, among the daily use garments. It is believed that this can bring more wealth and healthy life to the elders.

  • Health documents and medicines kept in the North East can reduce health problems.

Old age illness is obvious, however, make sure that the reports, medical prescriptions, and papers are placed in the direction between North and North East. South and Southwest directions can cause deterioration of health among the elders.

  • Light colors can promote positive thoughts to the elders

Soft furnishings and light colors like yellow and cream can improve the well-being of elders, you can also opt for the white or pale green in case you don’t like the cream and yellow shades.


Vastu imperfections are considered seriously all over, and hence it is advised to make Vastu compliant measures that can result in a positive family atmosphere, and special senior care. Vastu guidelines can outweigh the imperfections of homes and make them brighter with good vibes that surround them.


1. What causes health problems according to Vastu?

Vastu Dosha in the direction of home, or the bedroom, or lack of hygiene in the Vastu specific directions, can cause an undesirable impact on the age, and health of the elders, as well as their relationship with the remaining family members.

2. Does Vastu work?

Vastu is a kind of science, and it is as simple as an orderly maintained home that brings more peace and happiness. Though not essential to live, Vastu can make lives better with Positive energy, health, and prosperity all around.

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