10 Tips to get more views on Instagram

1. Never buy Instagram followers

It may seem to you that buying Instagram followers will benefit you.But this is a myth.

Only have relevant followers in your niche.

What if you buy thousand of followers and end up receiving zero likes, comments and shares?

Understand that a slow growth is a desirable one.

2. Post frequently

If you want people to recognize you, then be consistent.

It is not that you have to post daily, but make a schedule.

Let your work be frequent, so you emerge as a brand.

3. Make use of relevant hashtags

You should be aware of the hashtags that will work for your Instagram reach.

Check for the banned hashtags which won't work for you.

Get the relevant hashtag for your posts to be visible to people working in a similar niche.

4. Use the stories and GIF's

Who won't go for a pleasing design and attractive template?

Make your posts and stories attractive.You are gifted with plenty of GIF's in Instagram stories.

You can try the Boomerang app for looping GIF's.

5. Let IGTV and reels speak for your business

Text and stories can be boring if dumped too much.

And it is great that Instagram had introduced video versions to create and share across social media.

Make use of reels and IGTV video and level up your Instagram journey.

6. Use a legit username

Choose a username that also signifies your core area you want to showcase.

Your username should be preferably, a combination of your name and what you offer.

7. Go for a catchy description and headline

Let your audience find something attractive in your content.

Try optimizing the content with relevant keywords to be more engaging.

8. Optimize landing page

Clear call to action, good cover pictures, elegant and brief description on your services, contact information, neatly designed and planned posts together make a killer landing page.

9. Like, share and comment on other's posts

Give and take is what we need. Interact on others' posts well and also try to have comments and likes posted, create a network. This can make others find you and respond to what you post.

10. Get insights and analyze

Have tools and instagram insights checked regularly. Check and find your growth, work on the falls and make use of the reports to grow and establish on the social media.

To grow and develop yourself on Instagram, the above tips can be really helpful. With consistent efforts and strategical approach, you can certainly grab the attention of social media and fellow beings.

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